• Rhythmic Dance

    This program combines the rhythmic movements used in Tap and Stepping Style Dancing. The presentations are hands-on activities where students participate in various rhythmic movements. The program's main objective is to test the student's memory by seeing how much information they can retain and how well they can demonstrate what they have learned.

  • Stepping 

    This program provides knowledge about stepping, a dance style that deserves more recognition and exposure. Stepping is a highly energetic percussive art form that benefits physical and mental health. It exercises the mind by dancing in rhythm and building muscle memory. Students will learn to rely on their hearing senses and join in the middle of the step without visualizing the other steps, promoting teamwork and accountability. Stepping allows room for creativity and builds self-confidence, and most importantly, students often build close friendships and form a stepfamily. The program's primary objective is to test students' memory and ability to retain and demonstrate what they have learned.